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Universities for Natural Healing

Seeking to advance your education in Natural Healing? There are many accredited Natural Healing Universities to choose from where you can obtain an advanced degree or simple certification in Alternative Medicine practices. Universities for Natural Healing offer a myriad of exciting fields of study, whether you are a health care practitioner, future practitioner, or simply desiring personal enlightenment.

Natural Healing (also known as Holistic Healing, Alternative Healing, and Complementary Medicine) focuses on the natural healing abilities of the body, using alternative, drug-free therapies. Natural Healing Universities teach health practitioners how to help patients release stress and recharge with new energy and empowerment, and to develop a sense of wholeness and wellness.

Students can specialize in any subject, from Acupuncture to Zero Balancing, and much more. Some of the most popular choices include: Chiropractic, Feng Shui, Foot Reflexology, Homebirth Midwifery, Hypnotherapy, Martial Arts, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, and Yoga.

The modern Health Care practitioner should be willing to consider any and all methods available to achieve health, harmony, and wellness for their patients. Many traditional Universities now offer courses in Alternative and Complementary Medicine that blend well with Conventional Medicine practices. Medical students can enter into bachelor and master degree programs in Complementary and Alternative medicine. Students learn to develop an understanding of the alternative healing arts and methods of integrating complementary and alternative medicines into conventional health care.

If you are interested in learning more about Universities for Natural Healing and additional learning programs, search our site for more in-depth information and resources.

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Natural Healing Recipes.

Help Eliminate Nagging Health Symptoms With These Secret Natural Healing Recipes Uncovered By A Burned Out Factory Engineer!
Natural Healing Recipes.

Natural Healing For Bipolar Disorder.

Learn how to prevent serious illness and side effects of prescription Rx: Treat Bipolar and Depression Without Medication!
Natural Healing For Bipolar Disorder.

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The Green Pharmacy: The Ultimate Compendium Of Natural Remedies From The World's Foremost Authority On Healing Herbs (Green Pharmacy)

The Green Pharmacy: The Ultimate Compendium Of Natural Remedies From The World's Foremost Authority On Healing Herbs (Green Pharmacy)
The Green PharmacyMany diseased and conditions for which we turn to modern medicine can also be treated naturally with healing herbs, medicinal food, other natural remedies--and these treatments can be safer, less expensive and possibly even more effective than traditional methods. Let Dr. James Duke, the world's leading authority on healing herbs, leads you through the vast world of natural remedies--from Anise for Asthma to Violet for Varicose Veins, and everything in between. With just a few trips to the health-food store, the supermarket, or your own backyard--and with the help of Dr. Duke--you'll have everything you need to create your own Natural Medicine Cabinet.

The Natural Testosterone Plan: For Sexual Health and Energy

The Natural Testosterone Plan: For Sexual Health and Energy
How to maintain optimum testosterone levels for the male body through the use of herbs, nutritional supplements, and diet

• Explains the phenomenon of andropause--male menopause--and how to deal with it

• Reveals scientific evidence of testosterone-blocking agents in the environment that alter men’s essential chemistry as they age

• Presents safe, organic plant medicines that can restore optimum testosterone levels

• Contains the most up-to-date natural treatments for impotence, infertility, and prostate disease

The recognition of the middle-age stage in male development of andropause, which is comparable to women’s menopause, is hampered by the lack of a clear understanding of the chemistry and physiology specific to aging men. Men are still capable of reproduction well into and beyond middle age. Yet a man’s sexual desire and potency varies, often according to his testosterone level. Recent studies show that the lowered testosterone levels endemic in aging men--the gradual drop that is quite normal--is being exacerbated by environmental agents. Testosterone-blocking estrogen agents are present in insecticides, industrial materials, pharmaceuticals, and foods. Men are daily inundated with a “cocktail” of estrogen agents that alter the fine balance of testosterone that makes them male.

In The Natural Testosterone Plan, Stephen Harrod Buhner shows why men need help to maintain their testosterone levels as they age and explains how safe, naturally occurring phytoandrogens--plant medicines that contain male hormones--can remedy the depletion exerted by the environment. Buhner details how each phytoandrogen works, when its use is indicated, and the most appropriate method of application.

HoMedics Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

HoMedics Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet

Source Naturals Vegetarian Glucosamine, 750 mg, Tablets, 240 tablets

Source Naturals Vegetarian Glucosamine, 750 mg, Tablets, 240 tablets

1/3 oz Gardenia oil

1/3 oz Gardenia oil
Our pure essential/fragrance oils can be used in a great variety of ways. Always consult a good book on aromatherapy for proper uses of these oils.

Natural Healing With Cell Salts

Natural Healing With Cell Salts

Chinese Natural Cures: Traditional Methods for Remedy and Prevention

Chinese Natural Cures: Traditional Methods for Remedy and Prevention
The most comprehensive, trusted, and user-friendly guide to Chinese traditional medicine is finally available in a handy paperback.

A perennial backlist bestseller in hardcover, Chinese Natural Cures remains the most complete and up-to-date book available in the Western world on the system and wisdom of Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is made up of four distinct methods of treatment: the use of herbs, acupuncture, the use of certain foods, and massage. Its practices can be used side-by-side with traditional Western medicine and have been growing steadily in popularity in the U.S. over the past decade. Written by world renowned practitioner Dr. Henry C. Lu, Chinese Natural Cures is a complete and user-friendly guide to the principals and methods of Chinese medicine. Included here are treatments for dozens of ailments and complaints such as body pains, digestive problems, sleep disorders, infertility, and more. An encyclopedic section on herbs includes the classification of all Chinese herbs and their application, and a comprehensive section on the Chinese system of food cures offers vital information on how a wide variety of foods can prevent or cure disease. Dozens of easy-to-follow charts organize all of this invaluable information for reference at a glance.

This handsomely designed new paperback edition is smaller and handier, and is sure to bring the traditions of Chinese medicine to an even wider audience.

Gemstone Energy Medicine: Healing Body, Mind And Spirit

Gemstone Energy Medicine: Healing Body, Mind And Spirit
Simply by stringing pure, high-quality gemstone spheres into necklaces and wearing them around the neck, anyone can enjoy the full benefits of these revolutionary energy medicine tools. The stones can transform health, foster happiness, clarify the mind, and uplift the spirit. At the forefront of a revolution in energy medicine, therapeutic gemstones are among the most powerful healing tools available today. A quantum leap beyond the popular, but unreliable, crystal healing, the book includes

* Quick Reference Guide

* a 30-page chart listing 300 conditions and the recommended gemstone necklaces

* Step-by-step, illustrated instructions for performing 27 gemstone sphere therapies

* Guide to Care and Cleansing of Therapeutic Gems

* 30 full-color photographs and dozens of illustrations

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